Creative And Experimental Photography By Line Martel


Creative And Experimental Photography

Line Martel is a Canadian photographer from Montreal but now living in Texas USA.  She says “I decided to take on photography as a hobby in December 2010. I have found this to be very rewarding, and am looking to improve my skills with time” Her work is full of creation and experimentation and is showcased at many forums on net but specially on

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Exciting Colorful Pictures Of Taiwan Color Run Festival

colorful pictures

Colorful Pictures

Thousands of people in Taiwan took part in the first “color run” festival on 28th of September 2013. That was just for fun and about 15000 people took part in it.  They run a distance of 5 km on the riverside park in Taipei . People join the festival on the way and every one was dusted and painted with different colors. This run will continue to hindered cities during this year.Here are some stunning colorful pictures from the on going festival. Read More

Mindblowing Pictures Of Horses In Action By Razaq...

horses in action

Horses In Action

Horses are agile and graceful animal and people love to see horses in action in different sports. There are a number of games being played world over on the back of the horses and among these horse races like Derby and Melbourne Club race are at the top. Sports like Polo and Buzkushi are also among the top games in which riders of horses show their skill. In Asian countries specially in India and Pakistan another popular game is tenet pegging.  A horse rider try to pull the peg of less than an inch width in by a lance in a speed of bullet. Some time a team of four horses run together and pull the peg. Razaq Vance is one the world renowned photographer who specialized in culture of Asia. Following are some shots of horses in action from his album.

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