Creative And Experimental Photography By Line Martel


Creative And Experimental Photography

Line Martel is a Canadian photographer from Montreal but now living in Texas USA.  She says “I decided to take on photography as a hobby in December 2010. I have found this to be very rewarding, and am looking to improve my skills with time” Her work is full of creation and experimentation and is showcased at many forums on net but specially on

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Portrait Photogrphy By Tal Flint Shared On Google...


Mind blowing Portrait Photography

Tal Flint is a portrait photographer living in Tel Aviv. According to him “I’ve studied photography, make-up art and animation.

Throughout my career I’ve worked as a photographer, a 3D animation artist and a professor. I see photography as subjective capture of a moment and a place in time.
Every photo, from the choice of subject, equipment, lighting, and through to the post-development treatment it receives, expresses my feeling and mood in the particular moment.
All this aims to evoke an emotional reaction from the viewers, and to create a mental dialogue between me and them. My photographs span the distance between two extremes – the minimalist and very stark, versus the very detailed and “grimy”  All images shared by the artist are in black and white and are best example of black and white photography.

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Some Best Pictures Of Black and White Photography...

black and white photography

BY – WK Cheoh

Stunning Black and White Photography

Black and white photography art have been established since the appearance of photography as an expression medium. Artists are  are using that medium since its birth for expressing their feelings and sentiments. Black and White is more expressive than color photography as the colors some time distract the viewer from actual message in the picture. Here we are presenting some fine art black and white pictures from great contemporary artists.

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